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Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
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Analytical & Addictions Psychology

Most people strive for fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. However, there are often roadblocks and pitfalls along the way. Addictive disorders involving either substances or behaviors are quite prevalent, as are challenges arising from wounds received in childhood and amplified by the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that befall many in adult life. I offer counseling and psychotherapy that specialize in helping individuals surmount these challenges in ways that can lead to empowering discoveries and creative solutions.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
A traumatized workforce is a less productive workforce. Imploding morale, leading to staff turnover, employee absenteeism, loss of key personnel, and compromised productivity can penalize any company or organization that does not deal compassionately with its employees, especially during times of “critical incidents.”

Critical incidents include reductions-in-force, outsourcing and reorganizations, workplace violence, workplace sabotage, terrorist acts and their consequences, natural or man-made disasters, injury/illness/death befalling key employees or their loved ones, and workplace stresses arising from structural conflicts that may be present in the organization but not openly identified and constructively worked with.

As a provider of CISM services, I work effectively to empower all areas of an organization, including executives, managers, HR departments and affected employees to meet difficult challenges and changes. Typical interventions may include, as warranted: group debriefings, defusings and demobilizations, pre-emptive stress "innoculations," and one-to-one and/or group consultation at any level of the organization. Any combination of these interventions can be customized to meet specific client needs. I bring a humane and compassionate presence to these situations, combined with the professional savvy to move organizations towards fruitful outcomes.

Organizational Development & Training
The greater a workforce’s repertoire of skills, the more resourceful and productive it becomes. As a trainer and consultant in organizational development topics, I help to expand an organization's resources in the areas of communications skills, stress management, conflict resolution, balancing the competing demands of home and work, and coping with insecurities and anxiety, among others. This is just a small sample of training topics that are available. Organizational development trainings can be custom-designed to fit the specific needs of your group.

Executive Coaching
I provide personal coaching, consulting and counseling services to executive and professional-level individuals in business, medicine, academia and government.

As your executive coach I am "in your corner" — a personal (and confidential) ally for the furtherance of your success (however you come to define it). I strive to facilitate your unearthing of what goals really serve you, and help you to define, refine, and implement appropriate strategies and initiatives that can further your realization of these goals.

Typical areas of concern addressed with my executive-level clients include:
  • phasing out of the business: arranging for succession/transfer of power
  • on-the-job strategic problem solving
  • career planning and development (including career transition)
  • balancing the (often) competing demands of professional and private life
  • "burnout" first-aid for key personnel
  • conflict resolution and mediation
  • developing a longer-term vision for personal and professional growth
  • layoff/job-loss counseling & consultation for “separated” executives
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